Introducing Himalayan Salt (hot) therapy. Using these instead of hot rocks. Imagine that 🙂!
All the benefits of these amazing salt delivered directly to your muscles.

I work from my studio in North Andover, MA Monday till Sunday 10 to 7

Here is what I OFFER:
Massage (aromatherapy and hot stone or Himalayan salt with energy work and hands on healing )
Hands on healing
Source energy transmissions
Intuitive coaching/ guidance/ channeling



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Letting go of PAIN AND FEAR, Letting go of all which is not LOVE

Can you tend to your pain as if it was a kid who is not well? Can you embrace it with you loving caresses of sweetness, compassion and understanding as you dwell in forgiveness and letting go. Yes this pain is not yours! But it is yours to heal! Love it simply! When you are hurting emotionally – love the feeling of pain! Hug it with your awareness of love. See and visualize and ultimately witness as you embrace with all of your senses the feelings that are not love , that are coming to the surface of your awareness! And as you greet them with your capacity to love , this is your liberation dear one from the traps of karmic wheel! Let it go we say! Let. It. Go! You can , as you step into “holly matrimony” with love itself or


Shanti, in lovelight frequency always

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Fear is the one of the strongest emotions a human being can have, and it has the capacity to distort how you perceive your reality. Choosing to not filer your reality through the fear lens, is the most liberating action you can take toward your freedom.

Those who comes here to earth for learning more lessons for their evolution, knows exactly what it is getting into. We live on a very planet as beautiful as she is, as precious as she is, it is still very very very DENSE environment and energy. This is the planet with FREE WILL, This is the planet where we come to live our in karma and release karma, this the most challenging planet out of them all.

So choose to step outside of this density, buy stepping into LOVING yourself, loving others, and loving all that arises within and without.

By choosing to not withhold love you lift yourself and others in vibration frequency which ultimately assists you and everyone else with this ascension, so we can LEAVE THIS DENSITY and move into higher dimensions with lesser density and higher consciousness.

Yes we come here and we forget all. All that we know who we are, what we are gets taken away from us, and here we are moving through life forgetting our essence, and this density is pushes us toward AWAKENING, toward understanding who we are and what is our mission.

Your mission is step into LOVE in here and now. Stop judging, stop assuming, stop expecting, start living in your own true heart calling, start blessing all that you do not like or love, start presenting the BEST OF YOUR HUMANITY TO THE WORLD. This is how you can get out of Karma. Choose not being stock in the same mistakes, see your mistakes and lessons for what they are, stop blaming, stop playing a victim. Start projecting LOVE, start projecting JOY, start projecting compassion, live in Humility and understanding that you are her to EVOLVE AND HELP EVERYONE WHO COMES HERE DO THE SAME!



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The most essential that you can offer to yourself is LIVING OUT YOUR LIFE PURPOSE. For many it is a mystery. WHAT IS MY LIFE PURPOSE? And many wonder through life settling into the settlement of their own free will choice, rather that following THE CALL. The call can not go unnoticed, it will return to you periodically. It comes, rises from within only to be IGNORED. When this happens again, LISTEN, DEAR ONE, LISTEN AND TAKE ACTION TOWARD YOUR TRUE CALLING. Let all the settlements dissolve, so as you free will aligns with the purpose of your souls incarnation into here and now on earth.
When you living in misalignment and fear and doubt disease arises for you are pushing away your own essence, your own truth and your own purpose of why you have come here in this time of GREATEST CHANGE!
Listen dear one to you heart only. It speaks the language of the light, most authentic one. ❤
Blessings of the light and may you find your true truth that is always rooted only in LOVE.
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There are foods that are designed to shut you down, to shut down or slow down your ascension and foods that activate your stargates and your keys of light. Foods such as GMO and those that do not contain life force (cooked foods, although still have some nutrients left) are those to reduce consumption greatly. Stay away from GMO and the best way to do that is to purchase as this time only those products that are labeled NON GMO, to support that.
Eat light, eat as much raw as possible (it is raw plant foods that contain the light codes within their DNA that can be passed on to you, but as cooked it is all destroyed), juice if you can, but all should be ORGANIC, for all that is not… has been greatly contaminated, chemically induced…. which is all targeting and has one purpose… HINDER OUR ASCENSION! THAT IS OPPOSITION FORCES OF PHYSICAL AND NON PHYSICAL NATURE.

So support your own evolution by simply choosing organic raw foods as much as possible! And steer clear of GMO products.

Stay away from alcohol, red meat, pork, go for vegetarian as much as possible, drink clean water, reduce sweets and coffee and feel your body heal

You have free will to choose I am gently remind you to choose LIGHT

lovelight, lightlove




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Contact or call 617-548-8758 to schedule your session.

Upgrade Your Energy!

Marconic Energy is the Evolution of Energy Healing

“We are here to assist your Ascension through the progressive integration of multiple levels of Higher Selves up to and including the Oversoul.” – Galactic Federation of Light

Marconic Energy creates an opportunity for you to merge with higher aspects of Self – essential for the Ascension as we evolve within and beyond the vibration of the 5th dimension.

At the end of 2012 we entered into a New Golden Age as the Earth passed through the Photon Belt and repositioned herself on the Galactic Plane. This exposed the planet to much more intense electromagnetic radiation from the Cosmos.

As we move forward in the Shift, our human bodies are being Upgraded to cope with Higher Dimensional Light Frequencies. Marconic Energy carries for Ascension Frequency of 144,000. It holds the 13th code which is a DNA Activation bringing us into alignment with our Soul Level Identities.

Performed in the morphogenetic field, Marconic Energy instantaneously connects the Axi-A-tonal lines (think of these as the Meridians of the Light/Energy Body) to the Universal Matrix as you are activated to expand your genetics in a re-evolution of the true lightbody opening your pathways from a finite to an infinite quantum state.

Your etheric and physical bodies are being re-tuned, re-structured and re-calibrated to survive and thrive in those higher dimensions.

Marconic Energy is a full spectrum, multidimensional healing modality.

If you think of Marconic Energy as being full spectrum and represented by 10 fingers on two hands; Reiki is represented by only one finger, Angel healing another, Qi Gong another, etc.
As we go forward, energy healing modalities devised of the Third Dimension – such as Reiki -will be ineffective on the developing Lightbody, and the Fifth Dimensional Body Template.

MARCONIC ‘NO-TOUCH’ PROTOCOL – Performed in your Energy Field (hands off)

This Evolution of Energy Healing can be performed as an on-going treatment. Your vibrational frequency is raised so high in the moment as Marconic Energy – encoded with Light Information – is run through selected points on the body’s own Axiatonal system profound spontaneous healing on all levels of the multi-dimensional body may occur.

The goal of a ‘No-Touch’ session is to raise your frequency so high that you have an opportunity to connect in to your 8th Chakra aspect of Higher Self.
1 hour appointment – $75

MARCONIC RECALIBRATIONS – performed in your energy field (hands off)

A one-time procedure that permanently plugs you back into the Universal Matrix as the activation of your new Quantum Merkaba which powers your ability to travel, expanding your awareness and enabling you to create your new reality.
This connection will enable you to feed your new field indefinitely as you strengthen the grids in the re-evolved time matrices which in turn feed your merkaba, creating a positive healing spiral through the bandwidths of dimensional realities.
Once Recalibrated you become a Negative Ionic Generator, you don’t ever power down, you sustain your higher vibrational frequency and continue to go higher. This enables you to continue to drop density as we move forward on the cresting waves of Ascension – into the Fifth Dimension and beyond.
• Experience Sovereign Integration
• Activate the Multidimensional Holographic Body, Spiritual DNA, the Pineal Hyper-dimensional Gateway, and the Lightbody Quantum Merkaba.
• “Uncap” the Chakras for the New Galactic Chakra System.
• Connect back to Source at the Galactic Core
sessions must be done in person over 2 consecutive days

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