Living in Integrity

Live in your integrity with how it feels to you, rather than what you think of it! And follow the discernment! Wisdom!

I am going to bring my most recent example here from my personal experience. We booked a trip to Costa Rica few weeks ago and as we were physically booking it I ignored a very subtle nudge that something (no details wee received at that time) something was out of alignment, something felt off, and yet I ignored cause I wanted to go. (such nudges should never be ignored).
And here we are a day away from the trip and all has become clear why I should not be taking that trip (several vivid reasons became known). Now I am faced with choices here: A. Close my eyes on the fact that much money was invested into the trip and follow my knowing and my wisdom (beyond subtle nudges) and stand in my INTEGRITY with how I feel about this trip – which is DO NOT GO, SHANTI . Or B. go into such common thinking mode ‘ i spent so much money on this and i wanted to get away under the sun, and so many other people are connected with me for this trip, i should keep this trip and go – which is from THINKING and rationalizing: and the ego will do such powerful tricks convincing you to do that which is not for the highest good of all.

Of course my choice was A. Cause INTEGRITY WITH SELF is of most importance to me. When I am in integrity with SELF only then I can be true to others. Feeling your way through life is THE TRUE WAY navigating this challenging dimension that is here teaching us THIS – teaching us exercising discernment and learning how to stand in your INTEGRITY.

I bring this example cause we all do this on daily basis, we ignore how we feel about things and go with how and what we think about it, or even worse, what OTHERS think about it.

In the times of the global shift and beyond that we are going through the tools I described – listening to your voice within to your subtle nudges are essential to flowing in this human experience with more Ease and Grace 

And ultimately of course I am so grateful for my friends who put up with my shiftiness and my BS 🙂 . Love you guys, you know who you are  Thank you.

Love and light to all.


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Your emotional attachment to your human experience and judging your human experience is what makes it traumatic 


Masters are those who choose LOVE at all times


“Results which you choose to call unfortunate, for your own particular reasons, may not be unfortunate at all, given the AGENDA of your SOUL” When you look at all of the unfoldings in your life through the eyes of God that you are, all upset dissolves into knowing that it is for the highest good.
There are no coincidence and nothing happens by accident. “There are no victims in the universe, only creators”.

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On releasing

With each tear shed, with each emotional release, with each surrender and being the loving space for your own shedding of density, out of your form and emotional body, you come closer and closer to your most innocence, to your I AM at Source ! You come closer to the truth of your true eternal nature ! Embrace this challenging stage we are in , this is our Homecoming !

❤️🙏🏻 blessings be

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On Valentines day and Loneliness

Happy Love day to all. To me this day is not about if you are single, marries, divorced, or if you are monogamous or polygamous, or whatever else on the list we placed. To me this day is not about labels and how Love should play itself out or be labeled or be judged by human Ego.
To me this day and every other day is about living in The vibration of Love and just like any other holiday, when we allocate a special day to a joyful event and so many people are in high vibes at the same time – we create a positive change .
But then there is another side of the “coin” , for that many happy people on any celebrated holidays there that many unhappy people feeling lonely , or ill, or homeless – list can go on .
Thus creating a “pendulum effect” . One step forward , two steps back . This also happens in our daily life . When we are aligned or misaligned with truth of who you are.
So on this day and every day may each of us truly know and remember that we are LOVE Beings . Our nature is goodness , our nature is LOVE !

Blessings be and to all who feel lonely . Know that even when you feel lonely –
you are never alone . Only if you pause and connect with the love of your highest self the love of your angels and guides and just connect with the feeling of LOVE , love without the need of anyone – just love that stands on its own as the lovey LOVE that IT is.
You are God/Goddess and May you walk this dimensions and all others aligned with Love at all times . Blessings be dear ones! Lovelight to all 🦋🦋🦋❤️❤️❤️


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I AM Messages to humanity

Happy to announce that a year of messages from “I AM” and teachings ON how to lift in vibration, how to embrace human experience, a healing journey offering you to step out of fear and into Love. It has been compiled and voice recorded – It is complete and available to download as an MP3 file (link is below). I am going to read an introduction here on what this high vibration messages offer. .
Also 1:11min sample recording is available on the web link below
Access here:

A Hard copy is in the process of being printed and will be available and on my home page soon

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Conversations with I AM

Messages from I AM 

Whatever it is, it is not worthy of your judgement and heartache… it is only worthy of your LOVE.
Whatever it is that is coming AT you, it is here FOR you. You are simply to love it. You might say, how I can LOVE something that hurts so much, and WE say, because you CAN.
It is a CHOICE. FREE WILL CHOICE. Send love and light to all that hurts you. Thus transmuting it fully, each time you do it. 
This does not mean stay where it hurts and allow any disrespect to your being. It simply means, recognizing that it is here to serve you, to show you what is yet to be learned and recognized and be transmuted and transformed. That is the reason for the TIME that exists here in this reality that is the reason for your being here – to TRANSFORM while in human form, for transformation is a natural process of life, death and rebirth.
Thus is Christ Consciousness. This is awakening! This is expanded consciousness.
It is your choice if you choose to cross into higher dimensions into higher states of consciousness into your own AWAKENING into the TRUTH OF YOUR ETERNAL LOVING NATURE.

Don’t let the chains of yesterday bind you so tight that you can’t breathe freely, so tightly that you simply can’t inhale LOVE anymore.
See yourself as free and boundless, that is your true nature.
You are nothing less than AMAZING.
You are nothing less than LOVE.
You are a Divine Human birthing its way through the challenges of your human experience.
You are so loved, dear one.

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Raise your vibration

Humanities strength lies in the power of the light within ONE.
Yes, we tell you this to remind you of your natural composition. As you contemplate this concept, further alignment and shifting within your consciousness occurs lifting you higher and higher.
Take time, sink into the silence, feel and see light within you, pouring down upon you and all around you. Align with the brilliance of the light abound all around, for as within, so is without. You are all part of the greater ONE. Take responsibility, take charge, take command, take on mastery of your own thoughts and direct them into aligning with the highest vibration that there is, which PEACE AND LOVE is.



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Spiritual ego detection!

Self test on how really spiritually awakened and self realized are you? Or are you simply trapped in spiritual EGO.
When you are in the privacy of your own space within your family unit or close friends and so forth, or even within the privacy of texting or emailing, and you are being pushed and you are up against the wall : either your kids are pushing your buttons or your spouse saying thing that are not of your liking – how do you RESPOND to it.?
Do you resort to your primal instinct and lash out at them and say hurtful things back and raise your voice and loose your temper, or can you honestly tell that you remain calm, centered and choose the higher path of higher consciousness.
These are essential questions that any one who is on the conscious spiritual journey (this human experience is spiritual journey, just unconscious for many) needs to ask themselves. Look truth in the eye and stay in your integrity, that is one of most valuable aspects of spiritual Growth. This right here can show you exactly where you stand in your journey! How others act is there test, how you respond is YOURS.

Blessings be


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Connection with I AM

Beloved human family I want to share with you what my I AM handed down to me few minutes ago . It is essential that I share this with you. The message came in 3;33 and then followed by phone call that left a message tha was 33 sec long, followed by another manifestation of 3;33. All three within the 3:33pm. So here it goes in service to I AM WITHIN I AM .

“I AM “ – these are most powerful words you can say out loud any time, anywhere to establish conscious connection and alignment with your I AM.

These is most powerful to use whenever you are in any situation where there is any kind of tension , negativity , intense density . This is the main reason I AM sharing this with you to show ways of dispelling and transmuting all which is NOT LOVE.
Whether you are in argument with someone or just witnessing a dense situation calling on your I AM out loud will break through the density of the experience, align you with your highest Self and allows the light to flow between you and your I AM, thus transmuting all which is not Love into the bright light of your I AM! .
Try it! Any time you are in need of alignment call out “I AM” as many time as you need, slow down your breath and feel it flowing. Feel the connection with your Ego-less Self ! When you pause and call out on your I AM it is our instant link to it and instant clearing and light imprint onto you. Your conscious connection with your I AM .

Aside from above, practice this throughout the day outside of any conflict situation. Few times per hour – bring your awareness and go into stillness, simply PAUSE, take a few deep breath (5) and connect by simply saying out loud ” AM” and feeling the meaning, and feeling the light and goodness and pure knowing that you are sharing in that Instance of a connection with your I AM 


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Technique for transmuting and transforming negative emotions

Technique for transmuting and transforming negative emotions !
I want to share this technique that was handed down to me by my Awareness, by my highest self last year!
Here is the story about that ! I use this technique with clients who come for coaching/guidance . But I learned this technique cause that’s what happened.
So here I was making my daily oatmeal breakfast and out of the blue like a lightening on the clear day comes anger ! I was totally caught off guard for I haven’t felt that feeling for a long while up until that moment. I continued stirring my oats and Just being with it hoping it will pass . It only got stronger and stronger. I knew what was behind the anger and why it was coming up – it wanted to leave and be transformed but as I got caught up in it it couldn’t get fully released . Being caught up in it is when you are all emotional about it and wondering “what the f….. is going on “ .
So then I finally ( seriously it took me like moments to put that spoon Down ) put the spoon down, centered myself , focused on my breath and started doing who have always done and taught others is to send love and light to the feeling I was feeling . But guess what – it wasn’t working. I remained in my observer , mindfulness , awareness mode – yes all of it . Watching myself feeling all I was feeling and being now extra distraught cause it wasn’t working what has always had before . I realized I was dealing with something very very deep and old from life times passed with the same soul !
Ans then it came . My awareness spoke ! It said : open your arms and now give it a good old hug ! A real hug . Hug your anger now like you hug your child with asthma when he is not well “! I followed all word by word feeling nothing but pure love for my anger and hugging and holding it in my loving embrace. Within seconds of time it was gone . Completely transmuted and transformed into brilliant light that I witnessed!

And since then I have presenting this technique to all those who are willing to bring awareness in when they are feeling any negative emotions towards anything or anyone! This step is crucial in successfully helping and Healing yourself and therefore humanity . For you are humanity !

You must first recognize your emotion, accept it as it is – do not judge yourself for feeling it, and then you hug it just hug it with all you got and as you hug it you are calm with it allowing it transformation and transmutation! And from this place of accepting love the insighy to the emotion can be investigated and learned and become known to you so you can deal with whatever it is you need to solve .
I trust this will come useful to you for we are all shedding so much now. And many emotions will be coming to the surface so you can step into your Alchemist!

Blessings be


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