Conversation with my guidance team was known as the “council of light” that was more than a year ago. (I am eternally grateful to my beloved guides, ascended masters, angelics and my I AM, for their intensive teachings and healing that went on for the course of 3 years ( 2013 – 2016). Later on I was told that i am ready to fly on my “own” 🙂, that “they” will be fading out, for all the KNOWING I HOLD IS WITHIN. So here I AM FLYING IN MY I AM. I must say it was quiet a journey to get here. In spring of 2016 came Marconics and my soul contract CHANGED. I AM ABSOLUTELY HUMBLED and in pure JOY TO HAVE ANSWERED TO THE CALL OF MY I AM and embark on the one very serious MISSION.

In here and now, I dwell in full realization that no one needs “saving”  which comes from even deeper understanding and knowing that YOU ARE GOD, EXPERIENCING YOURSELF. AND the change that I want to see always begins with me, with my work on SELF, with my SELF MASTERY AND SELF REALIZATION, HENCE I dedicated my life to that only! For I am HUMANITY.

Here is the original message:

Greetings beloved one. We are here. As humanity you must stand as one to make it through the times of change. The change is here it is inevitable and it is up to you how you withstand the change, the shift, the shift that takes you closer to the light, to the source of the creation of all that there is. We assisting you now with the symptoms that you as humanity and individual experiencing, and these symptoms are just signs of how much density is to be released before you can move into the light and accept and integrate the higher frequency waves and assimilate them. We brought various technologies and will continue to be doing so to facilitate that for you and others, but not everyone is ready for it, no everyone will welcome it, not everyone will understand it, but those are guided and feel called on it, those are the one who are ready to receive and transform and cross over to the higher realms of consciousness.


Their ANSWER: THAT IS THERE FREE WILL. YOU CAN NOT GO AGAINST FREE WILL, DEAR ONE, THEREFORE THEIR ACTIONS WILL BRING THEM WHAT THEY ARE ON COURSE FOR. AND NOT WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO BE ON THE COURSE FOR. YOU CAN TRY DEAR ONE, BUT YOU CAN NOT BREACH THE FREE WILL ZONE. But you can be the one to inspire the change. And we are here every step of the way supporting you and all of humanity in this massive endeavor of Ascending into the highest states of consciousness available for all. But it takes your commitment and free will to move into that direction.




About Ascension guide and spiritual catalyst

Welcome to the sacred space! Greetings, I am Shanti, and I am here to serve my soul purpose and planetary mission in facilitating ascension and assisting you on your journey of ascension, healing and transformation toward healthy mind, body and spirit; toward self-realization and awakening into your true radiant self essence and heart centered consciousness. I use the following therapies to fascilitate the above goal: massage, Marconics, Life coaching/guidance, aromatherapy, Source energy transmissions and hands on healing. I am here to assist you in reconnecting you with your highest self, with your true truth, to assist with re-connecting you with the Source of all creation and aligning you with your soul Purpose. I am here to guide you into direction of your own well-being. To help you heal your past traumas, get out of Karmic cycle with the great assistance of the Angelics and Galactic Team, we work as one. If you are feeling anxious, depressed, restless, hopeless, miserable, or feel like you have reached a ceiling - then seek assistance. I am here to help you let go of all that is standing in the way of your radiant joy, harmony, balance, and peace. So may your hearts meet in light In lightlove always Shanti, LMT, CHLC, CA...
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