Releasing Energetic Cords. Not Cutting.


those energetic cords you are constantly cutting 🙂 they are there for purpose, for lessons to be learned, ask yourself why they are there, what are the patterns in me that keep these cords intact…. what are the lessons that cords are showing me
Aside from that cutting a cord can be traumatizing to you and another person, and it does grow back. What is needed to be done is Releasing of the cord. If you have any pent up emotions toward the other person or situation, that needs to be released. Say what you want to say.
Now how do you release the cord. Imagine beautiful energy the most loving you can feel is emanating from the core of your being and into the cord filling it with its benevolent light and shining toward the source of the cord. Imagine this light pushing the cord out of your body and dissolving its attachment to you. You can assist this beautiful energy with pulling out of the cord by assisting doing just that. Imagine that the attachment to the other person is being dissolved from inside out.
Take your time with this.
As this cord drops feel youself being free from the painful connection and pattern with this person. Love it, look at it with understanding. Feel and see that there is not more energy in the cord, see it and feel it go stale. Now it is good practice to pick up the cord and tie a knot in the center, signifying its no longer alive.

Now discard of this cord any way you please throw int he fire, ocean, bury in the earth… whatever feels good to you in order to fully release it.

Now again imagine you and the other person and a beautiful benevolent energy of the color of your choice, mine is always white or gold, and sometimes blue filling the space where the cord used to be attached too.
Heal back into the sate of wholeness. Feel this energy expand and form a cocoon around you and the person. This is for completion of the cord releasing.
Know that universe is caring for you and that person and notice the image to fade.
Allow continue feeling the love of the light around you and feel it is protection and grace upon you.Lady-Golden-Sun-Ocean


About Channeling, Angel Energy Healing, Marconics

Greetings Dear One! Welcome to the sacred space. I am Shanti, and I am here to assist you on your journey of ascending into your heart centered conciousness, with healing and transformation toward healthy mind, body and spirit; toward self- realization and awakening into your true radiant essence. I am here to open your heart of haaling and reconnect you with the source, so you can awaken into your true divine essence and walk your life jouney in harmony with your soul purpose! Such amazing energies are being bestowed upon us. Pouring down to break through the density of our physical forms, to crack the "hard shell" so the old can crumble away, giving way to a renewed and evolved you. Much acceptance, patience and gratitude is needed here to go through this process of renewal and rebirth. If you are having difficult time integrating these energies (feeling anxious, depressed, restless, hopeless, miserable...) - then seek assistance. I am so happy to say that I am here to asssit you with your transformation using Integrative various multidimensional healing modalities such as Energy massage, Marconics, Intuitive Guidance, Angel Energy Healing, Channeling... This is a place, where you are enveloped in unconditional love for transformational healing of your whole being as you align with the highest guidance available to you. So may our hearts meet in light as I greet you in Love and Gratitude!
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