Angel Healing For You,

If you ask me what is my most favorite and joyful thing to do, I would have to say without thinking at all, that is going home, being in my natural state, and when I say going home , I mean returning to the realm from which I have journeyed here into this current space and time.

Working with the healing energies during an Angel Healing is most precious experience. Each time I enter that space I fall into pure state of humbleness and awe as I witness the healing that takes place on all levels, as the recipient and the channel, myself, receive the divine guiding energy of the angelic guides and ascended masters. Being in the presence of Ascended Master Jesus is indescribable by words.

When the Angels take us on a healing journey, it is simply mesmerizing to see how much being released into the light around you as it being channeled to you, receiving to a personalized channeled guided meditation is a wonderful way to activate transformational healing. And when I am there with you that space of oneness and unity, often the only thing i can do as I witness and feel it is, simply CRY, these are the tears of pure joy, bliss and humbleness. For to be in there full presence is HUMBLING AND PURIFYING.

Beloved being of light surround and envelop us in their love, as you willingly enter the space of LIGHT AND LOVE, where I dwell at all times in here and now.

Blessings of the light dear ones




About Ascension guide and spiritual catalyst

Welcome to the sacred space! Greetings, I am Shanti, and I am here to serve my soul purpose and planetary mission in facilitating ascension and assisting you on your journey of ascension, healing and transformation toward healthy mind, body and spirit; toward self-realization and awakening into your true radiant self essence and heart centered consciousness. I use the following therapies to fascilitate the above goal: massage, Marconics, Life coaching/guidance, aromatherapy, Source energy transmissions and hands on healing. I am here to assist you in reconnecting you with your highest self, with your true truth, to assist with re-connecting you with the Source of all creation and aligning you with your soul Purpose. I am here to guide you into direction of your own well-being. To help you heal your past traumas, get out of Karmic cycle with the great assistance of the Angelics and Galactic Team, we work as one. If you are feeling anxious, depressed, restless, hopeless, miserable, or feel like you have reached a ceiling - then seek assistance. I am here to help you let go of all that is standing in the way of your radiant joy, harmony, balance, and peace. So may your hearts meet in light In lightlove always Shanti, LMT, CHLC, CA...
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