Marconic No Touch Healing

Marconics No Touch Healig

It is the multidimensional healing modality that  can be performed on clients as an on-going therapy.  This is a modality that is brought now for facilitating shedding of density, raising your vibration, stimulation of pineal and pituitary glands, so connection can be made between you and higher aspects of yourself – your higher selves.

The practitioner, serves as a bridge between you and the galactic beings of light of highest vibrational frequency only, to facilitate whatever healing is deemed necessary. 

Unlike other healing modalities, where after the healing session the client powers down and the vibrational frequency returns to its original state, in Marconic No-Touch session the client benefits from the incremental lift in their vibration each time they receive the session.

While spontaneous healings can occcur, this modality is not used to treat symptoms, rather than being open to receiving “whatever healing is deemed necessary” and may occur whether that be physical, mental or spiritual.



  • During the  Marconic No Touch session the client’s vibration is raised so high that they begin to shed density out of their energy field to such a degree that can trigger profound spontaneous healing or higher self integration and merger with the physical vessel (body).
  • Give you an opportunity to connect to your 8th Chakra aspect of Higher Self and integrate it into your physical body. Which is other versions of your higher self existing in other dimensions. As each higher self merges with the incarnate vehicle (you) it brings with it attributes of divinity, traits and characteristics currently lacking in human form and introduces it into biological vehicle (your body), therefore lifting you into a new level of vibration – Fast tracking spiritual evolution.
  • Once the session is over, your vibrational frequency will gradually return to the level higher than that of which you came in with originally, unlike other energy healing sessions, where it goes down to its original level.
  • So continuous session will lead to gradual increase in your vibrational frequency and potential continuous connection with the 8th Chakra of your higher self.


With this NO Touch Healing, you can have an option for receiving Integrative Chakra Unification: which includes clearing of charkas completely, removing seals, clearing most of Karma, activating your galactic charkas and recalibrating all of your chakras for a clearer and better connection with your higher self and all that there is.


Sessions vary from 40 min to longer, depending if Chakra work is done after the No Touch.

This is no touch technique and client is on the table fullly dressed. No music or crystals are used in these sessions. Each person expereiences it differently.

*To achieve and maintain high levels of vibration permanently and more, one must receive Recalibration. Read about what recalibration will do for you in the next tab above.


CONTACT Shanti: or 617-548-8758

About Channeling, Angel Energy Healing, Marconics

Greetings Dear One! Welcome to the sacred space. I am Shanti, and I am here to assist you on your journey of ascending into your heart centered conciousness, with healing and transformation toward healthy mind, body and spirit; toward self- realization and awakening into your true radiant essence. I am here to open your heart of haaling and reconnect you with the source, so you can awaken into your true divine essence and walk your life jouney in harmony with your soul purpose! Such amazing energies are being bestowed upon us. Pouring down to break through the density of our physical forms, to crack the "hard shell" so the old can crumble away, giving way to a renewed and evolved you. Much acceptance, patience and gratitude is needed here to go through this process of renewal and rebirth. If you are having difficult time integrating these energies (feeling anxious, depressed, restless, hopeless, miserable...) - then seek assistance. I am so happy to say that I am here to asssit you with your transformation using Integrative various multidimensional healing modalities such as Energy massage, Marconics, Intuitive Guidance, Angel Energy Healing, Channeling... This is a place, where you are enveloped in unconditional love for transformational healing of your whole being as you align with the highest guidance available to you. So may our hearts meet in light as I greet you in Love and Gratitude!
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