Awaken your base chakra with essential oils , gain physical strength!

Energizer for the day!

Feeling sluggish at right about now or an hour later keep benzoin, black pepper and Rosemary near by.

From all three my most favorite is benzoin . It’s soothing deep aroma and viscous substance is very energizing to Base chakra thus giving u physical strength and energy as its calms the mind and dispels anger and irritability.

Next is black pepper . Loooooove it love it love it love it . What’s not to love it’s both mental and physical stimulant. If u are a day dreamer this oil is a must for u to increase U alertness and concentration. Also it a must if u feel stuck in any situation it will help u move blocks that prevent energy from flowing freely between chakras .

And at last Rosemary . I love it cause I one oil u can do so much . First it’s a great psychic protector and energizer. So best way to go about it is as soon as u wake up use the oil. Place one drop on third eye and one drop on solar plexus. This oil is not for everyone . If u have HBP or epilepsy or asthma or pregnant it’s not for u.

Pls always exercise caution. Essential oils are beautiful gifts from Mother Nature but they are to be respected and not over use them . Less is more in this case all u new I one drop place on cotton ball and inhale to receive this divine gift.

Namaste lovely souls and sending all light love and more light


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About Channeling, Angel Energy Healing, Marconics

Greetings Dear One! Welcome to the sacred space. I am Shanti, and I am here to assist you on your journey of ascending into your heart centered conciousness, with healing and transformation toward healthy mind, body and spirit; toward self- realization and awakening into your true radiant essence. I am here to open your heart of haaling and reconnect you with the source, so you can awaken into your true divine essence and walk your life jouney in harmony with your soul purpose! Such amazing energies are being bestowed upon us. Pouring down to break through the density of our physical forms, to crack the "hard shell" so the old can crumble away, giving way to a renewed and evolved you. Much acceptance, patience and gratitude is needed here to go through this process of renewal and rebirth. If you are having difficult time integrating these energies (feeling anxious, depressed, restless, hopeless, miserable...) - then seek assistance. I am so happy to say that I am here to asssit you with your transformation using Integrative various multidimensional healing modalities such as Energy massage, Marconics, Intuitive Guidance, Angel Energy Healing, Channeling... This is a place, where you are enveloped in unconditional love for transformational healing of your whole being as you align with the highest guidance available to you. So may our hearts meet in light as I greet you in Love and Gratitude!
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