Number one Essential Oil for Remedy for IBS – Peppermint

Peppermint essential oils contains a good amount of alpha-bisabolol, which is a powerful spasmolytic. Drinking the tea of both chamomile and peppermint can be helpful at reducing bloating and cramps during the IBS episode.

Although I am not huge proponent of ingesting essential oils (French school of Aromatherapy), but i want to mention that studies have shown that taking capsules of peppermint essential oil can reduce grately pain and bloating associated with the IBS. But only enteric-coated capsules should be used so the oils can safely bypass the stomach to avoid heartburn, acid reflux and other side effects on the upper digestive tract. 

But I am a proponent of topical application where using the higher concenteration of essential oils at about 5% on the abdominal area during the attack. 5% is about 30 drops per 1oz of carrier oil, this is not for the whole body application. This concentration is for smaller areas, like small abdominal area.


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