Sinus Infections Home Remedy With Essential Oils



Sinus Infection Busters – Essential Oils Facial Steam Bath and Foot Bath

I personally know so many people who suffer from sinus headaches, especially in winter and from frequent sinus infections.

My answer is always lies in the use of steam inhalations, it is so easy, simple and very effective. Don’t go for conventional antibiotics before you give this a try. Here is what you need:

Essential oils of-

Eucalyptus globulus or radiata

Rosemary Cineol


Niaouli or Tea tree



Other materials-

Glass basin

Hot water

Large towel


Procedure for sinus headaches

To very hot water, add about 6 drops total of essential oils 4 eucalyptus and 3 peppermint, or 3 eucalyptus, 2 lavender and 3 peppermint. Cover your head over the basin with the towel and steam for no longer that 3 to 5 minutes.

Also get an electromagnetic diffuse for home and run it throughout the day with rosemary and peppermint and eucalyptus. In 2 tablespoons of water add total of 8 drops of essential oils. Or follow instructions of the diffuser.


Foot bath is a common remedy for many ailments. Sinusitis is definitely one of them. Our feet have over 70,000 nerve endings and many blood vessels are very much able to carry and deliver essences to the whole body. Most important oil in this case is eucalyptus. Use about 10 drops in the basin of hot water and soak for about 10 to 15 minutes. Please keep water really really warm, close to hot. To the level of tolearance. Can also add tea tree or niaouli to eucalyptus.


Besides methods above, topical application of the essential oils if realy recommended for the above conditions. Use tea tree, thyme, ecucalyputus and rosemary. About 10 – 15 drops in 1oz of carrier oil and rub it around your nose, forehead, cheeckbone, behind ears and neck. Take a great care not getting it into your mouth or eyes or inside the nose. Use Thyme Linalol cause other types can really irritate your skin.

Carrier oil use jojoba!

Stay healthy and boost your immune system by staying positive, light and optimistic  and dont forget your vitamin C 



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