Is Aromatherapy Helpful For Frigidity or Impotence (Men and Women)? The Answer is Aabsolutely YES!

Both conditions, frigidity and impotence, which are distinct from each other (Frigidity (mostly common in women, but not limited to)  – inability to achieve orgasm, but does not affect sexual function, where impotence – inability to achieve or maintain an erection), can benefit greatly from aromatherapy.

 For frigit women, who often carry a negative self image a nurturing body massage with aphrodisiac oils and oils that relieve anxiety and increase self-esteem can go a long way towards helping such women appreciate and enjoy their femininity. And whole body massage, without any sexual context can offer an opportunity for a woman to enjoy human touch.

 Top essential oils are.

 Rose – it is the only oil that is particularly connected and has the strongest connection wi the female reproductive system and female sexuality.

 Jasmine – improves self-image and increases self-esteem and worth.

 Neroli – number one oil for anxiety.

 Ylang-ylang – its sweet aroma willl intoxicate you and relax you at the same time, without putting you to sleep.

 Clary-sage – considered aphrodisiac and euphoric, small amount, estrogenic

 Sandalwood – comforting earthy soft tones that are also aphrodisiac, anxiety relief and is considered more masculine.

 Above oils should be used in bath, body oils, perfume on daily basis, and judicial use of body products will bring about the relief you are seeking.

 All of the oils above are Aphrodisiac, besides Rose which is a very strong uterine tonic and just extremely beneficial for the female reproductive system (especially for those who are trying to conceive).



Impotence – of course can be very distressing for women and men and seldom a physical reason is involved, usually the reasons are of mental and emotional nature.

Anxiety and stress, usually go hand and hand with the above condition, whether it is about specific sexual encounter, or about man’s sexuality in general, or external stresses about any other areas of life such as finance, health, work, relationships…

 However the great news is that the vicious circle above can be broken by the judicious use of essential oils.


For men great oils would be for massage, body oils, bath oils, bath salts…





Clary sage









I would have to add that Sandalwood and Jasmine would be the top 2 for men.

 So, please take care of Your partner and offer a loving gentle massage implementing aphrodisiac oils and use it daily to achieve desired results.


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