Essential Oils and PCOS! Can bring about a gentle relief!

It is not news that for centuries, essential oils have been used for their beautifying, therapeutic and healing properties. They are 75 to 100 times more concentrated than the oils in dried herbs and are very easy to use, and only true whole essential oils should be used to get a full medicinal benefit.

How can you use essential oils – via topical application and via inhalation.

When massaged into the skin (by means of carrier oil), essential oils are quickly absorbed into your skin. From there they move rapidly through the cells and are diffused into the bloodstream.

When essential oils are inhaled they enter through the nose, move to the lining of the lungs, where they are absorbed into the bloodstream

You can also use the oils for a compress. (adding about 2 to 6 drops to the small basin of water and then soaking a cotton or flannel cloth in water mixture for a compress).

Your top essential oils for PCOS are:

(Lavendula officinalis, Lavandula angustifolia) – besides being very important oil for the stress reduction, lavender is one of the best oils for a full body balance. It is a must oil for PMS for mood swings and hormonal balance.

Clary Sage
(Salvia sclaria) – naturally a euphoric oil, it is great for cramps for relieving pain. It is a cycle regulator and very strogn anti-depressant.

Rose Otto
(Rosa centifolia, Rosa damascena, Rosa gallica) – a must for every woman. This is is number one ois for fertitlity. It tones the uterus and relaxes it and it is great for increasing libido (along with ylang-ylang and jasmine). Besides, this oil is ruled by Venus 

Sweet Fennel 
(Foeniculum vulgare, Foeniculum officinale, Anthum foeniculum) Helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, may help reduce hormone fluctuation.

(Pelargonium gravolens) – the most important oil!
This oil is an adrenal cortex stimulant; helping to regulate and balance hormones. It also a great tonic for uterus and a great detoxifier on the limphatic system.

HAIR LOSS associated with PCOS

Essential oils for hair loss associated with PCOS use:



Atlas cedarwood (not virginia)




Carrot seed


Your carrier oils for the hair loss are grapeseed and jojoba!

We have a good selection of body oils and bath oils for WOMAN’S HEALTH:

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