UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) Natural Remedies With Essential Oils

What is urinary tract? Well briefly it is the tubes (ureters) that carry urine from kidneys, where it is made, the bladder, and the one tube carrying urine from the bladder to the outside (urethra). Well, in women urethra is much shorter than in men, thus explaining why women are more prone to UTI’s. 

Very prompt response, at the very begining of the infection is the key to succesful remedy. No bladder infection should be left neglected because of the risk of infection spreading to the kidneys via ureters. While doing your aromatherapy treatment, please consult with your doctor in symptoms have not gone away within a day or two, or if it accompanied by fever, blood or pus in the urine.

A good number of essential oils with a very strong antiseptic properties can bring about a relief. Key essential oils are;












What to do?

COMPRESS – Hot compresses with the essential oils above over lower abdomen, along with a great ammount of fresh spring water with lemon and lots of chamomile tea, take some garlic capsules or eat lots of fresh garlic to reinforce this natural treatment. Compress over kidney areas might also help.  About 3 to 8 drops in the basin of water.

Massage oil – about 30 drops per 1oz of carrier oil.


Sitz Bath – this types of bath is very effective in treating cystitis. Run bath only to the level of your hips, or you can use a bowl. Use this method in conjuction of compress or body oil. For sitz bath use about 15 drops.




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