Mineral Oil? For Skin Care? NOOOO!

Have you been told to use oil free moisturizer, because oils are bad for your skin and can clog your pores. Has this been drilled into your head since you were a teenager? Well partially it is true, if we are talking about mineral oil.

 Do you know what mineral oil is? Let me just say that it is a byproduct of gasoline distillation process from crude oil. It is almost not absorbable, it just seats on the skin and suffocates it, preventing the skin to breeze and get rid of toxins. So in this case, yes, absolutely it should be avoided by all means.

 And this is precisely why you should NEVER use BABY OIL on yourself or your children. It breaks my heart when I see young parents at department stores picking up the product. I assure you I always do my part and let them know what’s in it and most of the time, I am happy to say, I do change their minds.

 Our skin is the largest organ in our body and must have a proper nutrition, so it can carry out its functions. It is of great importance what you put into your body, but you should be just as concerned what you put on it. The fact is that most of the product’s constituents are absorbed by your body and are accumulating there, eventually causing negative reactions.

 If you are not using natural products, have you then thought today, how much of the synthetic material are you feeding your skin today?

 Back to mineral oil! To reiterate it is a byproduct of the distillation of gasoline from crude oil and it is used in most commercial lotions, creams and BABY products. Why, I think the answer is in its cost. It is a byproduct, it is abundant and inexpensive and … here is the drum roll IT WILL NOT SPOIL!!!

Yeah, all of the above is a wonderful combination for mega companies to use that in petroleum jelly and other baby products.

 What does mineral oil do to your skin? Well, it just seat there, creating a thin film that does not allow the skin to breeze. It is extremely hypo-alergenic, clogs the pores and does not let the skin eliminiate toxins through pores.

 Many will tell you that it is completely safe for you. I dare to disagree. You should ask what vitamins, or nutrients or minerals are in mineral oil. The answer is  – NONE.

Chose natural products. Feed your skin!Image








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