Eye Care With or Without Essential Oils? Bags? Dark Circles? Find Some Answers Here!

Eye care and essential oils.

There is a controversy going in aromatherapy world whether it is ok or not ok to use essential oils near the eyes. Some, such as V. Worwood suggests that using certain essential oils such as G. chamomile, rosewood, lavender, carrot, and few other essential oils in a very small amount is ok, as long as you do not get it into the eye or put the diluted oil on the eyelids. You have to put oils around bottom and side of the eye and never on the eyelid.

A more safer and gently approach is using herbal infusions such as of chamomile, lavender, rose, calendula depending on what is the condition you are wishing to treat.  Hydrosols are great for using on the eyes. Saturating the cotton ball or the pad with rose hydrosol is a great way to sooth the eyes or get rid of minor infections. German chamomile is great for infections of the eye.

However, the eyes are known to be the “window to the soul”, and we try different creams, spend a large amount of money trying to find something that works.

Our delicate area around the eyes prone to fine lines, crows feet, wrinkles, bags, dark circles, you name it.

I am a for using essential oils around the eyes, IF and only IF a great care is taken of using the smallest amount, such as 1 drop for both eye (diluted oils) and never getting it into the eye. (In case of accident you need to flush your eyes with water for 15 min or with another vegetable such as almond, or sunflower).  The skin is very fragile around the eye. Great oils to use around the eyes are.





Essential oils to use around the eyes, as noted above, german chamomile, carrot, lemon, lavender, rosewood, palmarosa.

I would not exceed in 10 ml of carrier oil 5 drops of essential oil.

Lemon is great for dark areas around the eyes, and g. chamomile is great for inflammation. Carrot is excellent for fighting crows feet and lines and revitalizes the skin, while lavender… well does it all.


Mornings are a better choice, if you are prone to eye bags and swelling. Do not apply oils at night time. The reason why we applying oils is to create a protective layer around our eyes and to prevent water loss. However, when using creams and oils at night can result in a puffy, swollen area around the eye.


The skin on the face is thinnest around the eyes, and it is composed of comfy fat pads and sweat glands. So if you apply eye products at night, which is followed by going to sleep and not moving for the next 8 hours (hopefully), so the bodily fluids accumulate or pool in your eye socket area, right where the fat pockets are.

Thus, it is preferable to use oils (lighter) or creams (heavier) in the morning.

A good way to check if the product is causing the swelling is to stop using it for 2 weeks and see if the swelling is gone.

If the eyes are still swollen, perhaps it is other possible issues, such as allergies, sinuses – then an even greater care need to be taken to see what is going on by taking on a holistic approach to fighting this culprit!



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