Palmarosa Benefits and Uses (recipe)

Palmarosa (Cympobogon martini)

 One of favorite essential oils. Why very much cost efficient and the benefits…, well, let me start!

 This is a must oil for the commercial industry for it is the oil that used the most for adulteration purposes (to great dissapointment). This plant contains elements which are found in more costly plants, such as rose  for example.  Because palmarsoa contains a large amount of geraniol and has a strong resemblance of somewhere between Rose and Geranium.

 Palmarosa is famous for its antiseptic and soothing properties and is of great essence during infectious diseases.

 It is the best natural source of geraniol out of all essential oils and is very useful in skin care; it is hydrating, stimulating, anti-septic, balancing for sebum production, thus it is very helful in the formulations for oily, acne –prone skin.  It stimulate cell regeneration, not on the level of Neroli and Lavender, but still of great use for this purpose.


It is a very useful addition to Rose for hand creams and face oils. Although paring it up with Geranium, might be a bit overwhelming, tiny amounts – is what we talking about.

 Palmarosa is aluable for stress and stress-related conditions and would pare nicely with rose and sandalwood.

 Recipe with Palmarosa

 Palmarosa 10%

Rose otto 20p%

Rosewood 60%

Sandalwood 10%










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