Essential oils in Delivery room!

Use of Jasmine and Lavender in the Delivery Room!

 The use of essential oils in a massage or bath shortly before and during the labor has been valued and used for many hundreds of years.

Today fast acting medications and pain-free labor and c-sections being very common, more and more women are starting to explore a more natural way of bring babies into this world.

 The two most common essential oils that are known to help shortly before and during labor are Jasmine and Lavender, although some specialists recommend couple of other essential oils, that I will not mention here for their use is not widely practiced.

 The use of Jasmine and Lavender have been well-tried and found extremely effective in facilitating contractions and releasing anxiety and post-partum.


How to use these oils. Using jasmine and lavender in massage for tummy and lover from the beginning of labour and can be used couple of days right before your due date. Massage with this oils should not be used much earlier than this as there is a risk of triggering contractions and so inducing early birth.

 Bath is another wonderful option to which you ad 4 – 6 drops Jasmine and 1 to to 2 drops of Lavender not exceeding total of 6 drops per bath. This should be done few days before the labour and will help you relax and prepare the uterine muscles for the work ahead.

 Jasmine is known for strengthening contractions, therefore shortening the labour, while lavender can relax and cool you. Making a cool compress with lavender essential oil and wiping forehead whenever mother is feeling hot and sweaty will help her relax a bit.

 Jasmine is also very good to use pot labour, it will help tone the uterine muscles and help them return faster to their pre-pregnancy condition. Aside from this useful effect jasmine is a very strong anti-depressant and will help you beat the post baby blues.



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