Essential Oils For Acne Skin

Top 5 esential oils for treating acne by creating a synergy in the base of Tamanu oil with Coconut or Grapeseed.
1. Myrtle – number one for it is highly antiseptic and balances hormones at the skin level and sebum production. It is gentle enough to use neat on the skin, however I would recommend using 2 – 5% in your carrier.
2. Tea tree – another wonderful oil that is a very strong anti-septic, there were studies conducted comparing it to benz. peroxide, and it showed that it is just as effective minus the side effects of drying and itching. Some people however do not like tea tree, for after continuous use at a hight concentration or neat it can make your skin rough and slightly red, depending on the skin type in question.
However using it at 2 to 5% concentration can benefit acne skin tremendously.
3. Lavender – antiseptic and regenerative, speeds up healing and calming to the skin. Better yet Lavender Spike. It is more suitable for acne skin.
4. Blue tansy – it helps with swelling and redness and acts very fast. Be careful using it neat for it will turn your skin blue, hence better dillute it with the carrier.
5. Lemon – highly anti-septic and astringent and good to use on oily skin. However must be very careful exposing your skin to sunlight, can cause burns. So this oil should be avoided most def. in the summer. The same goes for all other citrus essential oils

Other essential oils such as sandalwood, excellent for dry skin that is acneic and it will not cause breakouts.
Palmarosa is another essential oil that would be great for dry skin without causing breakouts.

So if you were to make your own blend, pick and choose from the list above and make sure you do not exceed total percentage of essential oils to be more than 7% (about 40-45 drops in total in one ounce of carrier oil (mix of tamanu and grapeseed, ratio of 3/4 tamanu and 1/4 grapeseed).
I would pick Tea Tree 10, Myrtle 10, Lavender 10, Lemon 5, Blue tansy 4, Sandalwood 4dr 🙂  (Good luck!) DO NOT expose skin to the sun or tanning beds, do the presence of LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL.


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