My favorite EO of all  is Rose. I love everything about it. Whats not to love. It was probably the first flower to be distilled. It is a very complex EO with ove 300 constituents. Two common types of rose EO is French and Bulgarian. The French type is more aphrodisiac and more sedative than the Bulgarian type.

However, I prefer, Bulgarian Rose Otto for its aroma. It is considered the “Queen of Flowers” in aromatherapy. It is known to be governed by Venus and it is used mostly for the disorders of female reproductive system.  It is used to regulate menstrual cycle, aids in conception and even appear to increase production of semen.

One can not ignore emotional effects of rose EO on our system. It outweighs the physical benefits. It is a very gentle but effective antidepressant, especially when it is linked to PMS, or PMDD. This oils is highly valuable in helping women with post-natal depression, especially for those women who experience grief as oppose to anger at the situation.

It is a very well known aphrodisiac, powerful nerve tonic, stomach and liver. Although very expensive, it is my first choice.

Not to forget its wonderful and miraculous effects on the skin. It is excellent for all skin types, but especially for dry, sensitive, mature, aging, sun-damaged.

It is great for wrinkles and for thread-veins. Must use for several weeks to see results.

Most important note on the Rose EO, used Steam Distilled EO, since Rose absolute is produced by solvent extraction and will contain traces of chemical solvents that can be potentially toxic.

About Ascension guide and spiritual catalyst

Welcome to the sacred space! Greetings, I am Shanti, and I am here to serve my soul purpose and planetary mission in facilitating ascension and assisting you on your journey of ascension, healing and transformation toward healthy mind, body and spirit; toward self-realization and awakening into your true radiant self essence and heart centered consciousness. I use the following therapies to fascilitate the above goal: massage, Marconics, Life coaching/guidance, aromatherapy, Source energy transmissions and hands on healing. I am here to assist you in reconnecting you with your highest self, with your true truth, to assist with re-connecting you with the Source of all creation and aligning you with your soul Purpose. I am here to guide you into direction of your own well-being. To help you heal your past traumas, get out of Karmic cycle with the great assistance of the Angelics and Galactic Team, we work as one. If you are feeling anxious, depressed, restless, hopeless, miserable, or feel like you have reached a ceiling - then seek assistance. I am here to help you let go of all that is standing in the way of your radiant joy, harmony, balance, and peace. So may your hearts meet in light In lightlove always Shanti, LMT, CHLC, CA...
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