Steps to raising your vibration.

Steps to lifting your vibrational frequency . Ask questions! If you have any.

It was challenging to hold the phone and speak, sorry for the poor quality of the video

1. Quality of your own thoughts ( becoming an observer for negative thoughts to float by, connecting with breath, choosing positive thoughts ) . Emotional release : become a space for what needs to arise -arise and transmute. Don’t identify with your negative thoughts and your emotions of lower vibrations. They are coming up to be greeted by the loving observer)
2. Water especially salt water
3. Gratitude ( cultivate it)
4. Service to others ( help others whenever where step outside of your judgment And your comfort zone)
5. Music you love
6. Physical activity you enjoy
7. Sending love to others
8. Aromatherapy
9. Meditation
10. Acts of random kindness !

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Parenting children!

You bring children into this world not to control them to satisfy your insecurities, but for GOD TO EXPERIENCE ITSELF.

so many people suffering from headaches and migraines and have those who come to see me for that reason. DO you know that main reason for the headaches and migraines is ability to maintain boundaries and feeling that you are out of control in different situations. That is why it is so common in teenagers. Teenage years are so intense for a human being, that is the time when ID, Identity stars really coming through and questions Who am I and how I relate to others around me, especially family comes about.
The more controlling parents teenager has the more rebellion there will be, for the teenager is coming into its full bloom identifying with its own personality and trates and they FIT into this world.
And if the parent is not capable of simply providing space and being a loving and guiding space, instead of being the kind of parent that says MY WAY OR THE HIGH WAY, the kind of parents that choosing kids colleges when kids is in middle school… that kind of parent, also known as HELICOPTER parents.

Yes you brought the into this world, for one reason. FOR GOD TO EXPERIENCE ITSELF!

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What is your purpose in life! BY Shanti,

Those are still seeking answer to what is your purpose in life? Your purpose in life is to expand. Expand in consciousness! Your purpose in life is to expand in consciousness as you go through the experiences. You are here to simply discover YOURSELF. You are here to find out who you are through different perspectives, perspective that lead you to expansion of consciousness.
How do you do it, well guess what. That’s for when you get to unwrap your gift, it is called FREE WILL

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Transmissions of love and light.

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Angelic Healing for Transformational Healing.

What is Angel Energy Healing or Angelic Healing?


Angel energy healing is divine modality and a healing process of channeling pure Divine Love and Angels light along with healing frequencies through your mind, body and spirit and radiating this focused helaing energy outwards to receiver. Angel healing is a form of energy healing, working with the aid of divine angels. Anyone can benefit from Angel Therapy. In general you will feel a sense of release, followed by feelings of peace, balance and happiness after a spiritual healing session.

Once the session is initiated and healing energy is channeled and received directly from the Divine Light it is focused toward the recipient with the purpose to energetically cleanse you, uplift situations in your life and allign you more fully with your life purpose and your true path in life. Angel Energy healing is about harnessing your energy for health, welll-being, healing and more according to Divine Will.

Ego based thoughts of grief, sorrow, jealousy, guilt, failure… ramin in the body at the DNA and cellular level as energetic signatures and can manifest themselves as energetic blockages, dense energies and even physical challenges such as disease or unwanted experiences. Angel Energy Healint with the direct guidance from the Divine, can help release these negative patterns, blockages, limiting beliefs, lower vibrations, and negativity that cause these problems.

This brings the body, mind and spirit into an allignment with the natural healing energies present in the love and light that flows around you.

During the session client lies down on the table and the sessions begins. I also use essential oils during the session and crystals and sound healing crystal bowls. During the session I follow the guidance of what needs to be done so it differes from person to person.

What does it feel like?

Everyone feels differently, but one feeling is in common that you feel a beautiful energy of Divine healing light surrounding you and flowing throuhout your being, because it is!

You might be aware of it or not, this is more of a reflection of how open you are to receiving beyong the physical realmss, rather than how strong of effective this therapy is. Experience may include feeling, hearing, sensing, knowing, seeing and experiencing the  healng, love, guidance and presence of Divine and Angels during the sessions. Those receiving the sessions my physically feel energy shifting, may witness limiting beliefes being lifted and released, or you may simply feel relaxed and slightly tired or spacey during the session as the hight vibrational light flows in and aorund you.

After the healing, the client may feel more relaxed, at ease and feel that a burden has been lifted. Others might feel emotional or feelings of anger for example may arise which can be a natural part of the healing process, allowing your body to let these emotions (which can sometimes be suppressed) arise to the surface and to be released.

How is it Different from other modalities?

Angel Energy Healing differs from other healing methods. The energies channelled are of a much higher frequency and does not require symbols like in Reiki healing. Also, once the  blockages and negativity in all forms have been released from the being, pure Divine white light uplifted, Angelic Frequency of Love, compasion , peace and well-being takes its place. After sessions it is a must to drink lots of water and sto stay hydtrated

Your physical body holds the key the healing itself. So let this healing ability be activated with the help of our Divine helpers.



To shcedule distant or in person session call 617-548-8758 for Shanti.

North Andover, MA , USA

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Council of Light via Shanti: Silence speaks beloved one. It gains strength in its solitude, as it gathers momentum to break down all barriers of separation when it gently strikes with its loving embraces of harbored wisdom within. This wisdom is gained by silencing your chatter, by quieting what speaks to you, but you are not the one doing the talking.
When we tell you beloved, meditation is not opetional it is mandatory, we say that it is not needed for you to seek seclusion as much as it is needed for you to go into silence regardless of your physical surroundings and event and connecting with the eternal flow of goodness and allowing yourself be submerged fully in it is vibrations of LOVE.
Any situation that brings you disharmony, fall into LOVING space of your silence. And fill your vessel with this lightness and diffuse what is.

NOTE: I do not edit messages, I type it in as it comes in


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Channeled Messages to Humanity from the Council of Light via Shanti.

I was guided to post here Message 23 from the Book on Channeled messages from the Council of Light to Humanity!
You can find hard copy version of all 40 messages here:

The messages are for assisting you in recognizing that this reality that you see is not all that there is to your reality. All that there is beyond your seeing. You see, dear one, incarnate you, physical you are. Human you are. You have come here to navigate this realm of limitations with your judgments of good and bad, write and wrong, all is tangible to you, all is of density to match your density. Aligning with the higher aspects, or can we say, versions of yourself is what are calling for upon. We are council of light, a group of beings of light in alliance with the divine will, with the common wellbeing, with the joy, and unconditional love for all stepping into the role of your beacon of recognition, beacon of light that you can carry at all times for illumination of your path when it is hard for you see clearly in the times of your momentary distress regardless of what the reasons are for it. You have learned to respond to all, you have learned to respond since you were a child. The better choice of words, you have learned to react to your surroundings, but have you ever learned to pay attention to how you feel about your environment and WHO truly feeling it. Have you been taught how to listen to your heart? Have you ever been taught how to listen to the feelings how to pay attention to your EMOTIONS WITHOUT JUDGEMENT?
NOW is your time, dear one, NOW is your opportunity to take over the beacon of light and make it your own. There is no better time for you as NOW to start giving attention to the feelings of your heart and to your emotions in response to your own thinking. It is in this beautiful NOW that you can embody your own light. You can anchor your glorious wellbeing, by simply recognizing and accepting the truth of who you are. You are limitless, you are eternity, you are masterful, you are pure consciousness wisdom, and love and light who has chosen to come into your physical vessel and go through the stages of various experiences. And as you root yourself in this truth that you are eternal being having come here to experience density, then the density of your being goes through a transformation and alignment with the ALL OF YOU, will all that you are, with all that there is. You are SOURCE Of all that there is. You are unity consciousness. You are ONENESS.
Welcome home, beloved one, welcome to yourself. “

Council of Light via Shanti


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