Are you wakened one?

When I am asked “How do I know that I am awake”. or “How to meditate”. Yes I smile at that question with great JOY.
My answer to this is the following: you know you are awake when you MARVEL at all that you are, at all that you do – from doing dishes to taking care of the dying and ill – when you are so present in each moment that you are experiencing that moment to your fullest potential. To me that’s awakened one  .
There are people who meditate a lot but yet have not achieved such state of being.
It is all about how open you are and how willing and how well do you let go of EXPECTATIONS, JUDGMENTS AND ASSUMPTIONS, how OK you are with being in the MOMENT.

You don’t have to be in deep meditation to leave your body and experience wakeful moments of awareness. Being in the moment, fully present wherever you are, and stopping, slowing down and feeling and absorbing, just BEING in that precious moment of here and now – that is the state of true wake and expanded awareness. Paying attention to the small details and pausing in that moment of beingness.
I love those wakeful moments of full awareness of who I truly am. And as you have some moments, from moment to moment you are in walking meditation. You are in awareness of your own truth which is always self evident in the moment of NOW.


Blessings of the  light

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How to have lasting love

Here is My personal “recipe” for the perfect kind of LOVE and relationship.
List of ingredients 🙂 Well it is one ingredient and the rest aligns… Here it comes

1. Expanded consciousness is the umbrella for all what follows below. Just letting it all roll out as I type away.:

*I am not yours and you are not mine attitude.
*Throw away expectations, assumptions, judgments and toss victim-hood into the pile.
*Love without needing to be loved back. LOVE cause you are capable of loving. It is called UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It is such a joy to just BE IN LOVE. And if you are loved back amazing, and if not still AMAZING, cause you are feeling the feeling of LOVE. That is HUGE ALREADY.
*Speak your truth. The key here is – AT ALL TIMES. INTEGRITY WITH SELF AND OTHERS. If you are true to yourself, only that which is in alignment with that will align for you.
*Speak from your heart and not your judgements
* Show LOVE
*Be spontaneous – stop planning, roll with it
*Pay attention to you thoughts. What are you thinking, what are you wanting, what are you desiring.. are you living in your TRUTH?

LOVE is best that there is for us here and there and everywhere. Human love has become attachment. When one achieve such state of being of being able to Unconditionally love, believe when I say – that it is a place of absolutel NIRVANA.
I wish you freedom in LOVE and freedom in Happiness and JOY.



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Marconics and Ascension

At the end of 2012 Earth has “re-positioned itself (above the galactic plane) on the galactic plane, and what it did, it exposed us to a whole new and different levels and kind of gamma rays, frequencies and energies than we were experiencing when we were below the galactic plane”. Hence ascension symptoms.
So many are feeling the ascension symptoms: from ear aches, to stomach aches, to sleepless nights, blurred vision, to vibrational flu and so much more. And the big thing is , when you go to doctor… they just cant help you that much, medications don’t work on you, antibiotics don’t work you, you know why, cause you are simply not a vibrational match to it any more and plu they cant find anything wrong with you..
I do the Marconcis work with all of my passion cause my role of as the practitioner is to raise your vibration so you not only can cope with the frequencies of ascension but also thrive in them. How.?

Marconics energy targets the density in your physical form and helps you shed it, especially karmic density from your energy centers. As Karmic debree gets pulled out of your energy field, you really have no choice but to lift in vibration. 

This lift in vibration is also you lifting above and beyond the frequency of fear, illness, negativity….spontaneous healing of serious ailments are known to happen. 

“Marconics raises your vibration above the Fear frequencies of the third dimension, so you can access the frequencies of Pleiadian Love in the higher realms and come into alignment with your Higher Self, at Source.”

I am here and love assisting all who are called to be receiving this energy work.
There is many video on youtube that demonstrate Marconic energy work. Check it out.


“I had a recalibration with Shanti the other day. I had no idea what to expect but had been guided to experience a Marconics healing. It was unlike anything I have experienced! I am a long time energy healer myself but this healing dove right to the source. Since the two sessions, I have felt remarkably upgraded. Guidance has been exceptionally clear and I have been able to move forward in my life. I have signed myself up for Marconics I and II training and let go of a healing space that is not in alignment. My teenage son has even shifted into a much better place!!
I’m certain more potentials will unfold with time. I highly recommend Shanti and her healing. Your life will be accelerated in the most amazing ways!”

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Arthritis Natural Treatment with Essential Oils.


Many of us probably know someone or related to someone who has some sort of form or type of arthritis. A disease of imbalanced body chemistry – body’s inability to eliminate uric acid efficiently. Some of us are very good at getting rid of toxins and some are not.

A very complex association of factors are at play: nutrition, stress, obesity,  emotional state of being( bottling up grief, hatred, anger, feeling of incompetence or un-achieved) – all these factors can have a very strong effect on the disease and all these factors must be taken into consideration when treating a person with essential oils.

Key essential oils are detoxifying, painkilling, and ruberfacient (increasing circulation).

Detoxifying oils such as juniper, cypress, fennel and lemon can be used in a baths or as a massage oil to help body get rid of toxins. Initially the condition might worsen, but only to improve later. Might get stiffer, this happens cause the body relaxes and releases toxins.

Painkilling, relaxing and anti-inflammatory oils of lavender and roman chamomile are of great importance here to ease the joint pain and reduce inflammation. These oils are great to use in the form of bath , compress and massage

And Last are the oils that increase circulation and some have a warming effect such as rosemary (of great importance here), ginger and black pepper. However with the warming oils you have to be careful, when you applying warming oils you have to keep your fingers moving immediately after applying the oils, otherwise the congestion can get worse rather than better.

Any of these forms of treatment can reduce pain, inflammation and make movement more possible.

I would recommend using the following essential oils for formula for compress or massage :


Roman chamomile



(Ginger) – optional.. remember to keep moving the affected area or it can get worse cause of the warming effect Ginger will have.

It might not be possible to undo all the damage the arthritis has done, if it has been longstanding, but it is will ease pain, reduce inflammation, increase mobility. And if it is treated EARLY ENOUGH you might be able to rehabilitate.

All methods should be implemented bath (juniper, marjoram, fennel), compress (juniper, lavender, chamomile, rosemary), massage (lavender, chamomile, rosemary, cypress), diet and mobility (gentle yoga is great).

However of great importance is diet, to help body rid of toxins and supplementation.


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Signs you are Masterful again

Frequently asked question: “Shanti , pls explain what do you mean when you say “ step into your masterful! “

I will gladly Address this !
Early on In my awakening journey I understood that I am here to step Back into my mastery cause I realized that this is who I am . This is who so many are on this planet if not all ! Yes we are all masters! Many just don’t realize that !
How do you know that you are stepping back into your masterful ? There several criteria some of which I shall discuss here ! These are key points to pay attention too on your journey into masterful – stepping and owning the fact that You are GOD that you are !

1. One of the greatest indicators of it is the speed at which you are manifesting and you are fully aware of your creator role in this reality! You are aware that you are concreating not only your reality but many others ! When you notice that gap between your intents and manifestations is shorter and shorter until it is almost immediate.

2. Capacity to Let Go . We are all familiar with these two lovely words. These are to be fully mastered if you want your mastery back! Letting go gets mastered as you fully start trusting your feelings and let go of yeh thoughts in your head that contradict the feeling you are feeling! Example : you feel that you got to let go of something or someone but yet all the thoughts in your head keep finding reasons for you not to do so- that is when you need to choose your feeling and Exercise Letting go of whatever reasons your head is coming up with !
Once you master that you are another stop closer to freedom !

3. Attachments to earthly experience. This one is closely connected to the step 2 ! They go hand in hand together. You must dwell in realization that you are NOT the human experience ! You are here to let go of your attachments to it! By becoming a space for it . And most of all do not confuse Love with attachment!

These points can be challenging at times to explain cause when I get my guidance and my teachings they are imprinted into Me by my highest who doesn’t speak with the voice like I Do. It is imprinted and coded into me by the concept of Knowing!

The thing is I could easily ignore the knowing but I choose not too, cause my purpose here is to be masterful co creator. And I have to say that I am where I am cause of my capacity to LET GO when I know I got too regardless of how much the “persuasion mechanism” is trying to steer me away from. Trust your feelings it’s your souls knowing !

I had to write this out not only cause I have been asked these questions often , but cause “the guidance” is here to do so the second i woke up from sleep I had to write is out for others !

Be free to ask questions if you have and I shall always try to come in touch with the best suitable answer.

And just Be Free!

Hineni beloved masters

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You must descend before you ascend!

The most important descend you will ever make is out of your HEAD and into your HEART SPACE  . One must make this descend in order to ASCEND. Welcome to 5D. Welcome to Pleiadian Love.

I took this descend few years ago. Back in 2014 into 2015. And after that it has been deepening and deepening and further expansion into INFINITE POTENTIAL AND CAPACITY TO LOVE AND BE LOVE.

The past week has been so magical. The past week feels so amazing. The shift is so tangible. I have experienced yet another shift. I sooooOOOOOO love those. These shifts are so tangible and as much as they are ethereal that much they are physical. I have aligned even further and deeper with my OWN STRENGTH.
Living in my strength. Living out my mission. Our mission.

And most of all – Living in my capacity to BE LOVE.
This is living in 5D  .
Alignment and commitment to being LOVE – what it takes. Make the descend, so you can ascend!


Blessings be



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Answer the “Clarion Call”


A perfect description of the Marconics is in the article recently published by co- lightworker Wendy Hutchinson .…/

I AM SO thrilled beyond words to be an integral part of this mission along with many other co-lighworkers who have answered their CLARION CALL. Myself and others are ready to assist you if you answer the “tap” on your shoulder. Time is of essence. All we have is HERE AND NOW moment to make the choice.

“Lightworkers, it is time to answer the clarion call. 6 times they have attempted to bring humanity to light and failed. This is the last and final attempt. The time is now to awaken from the long slumber. To know that we are not alone and there are things available to assist in this turbulent time. Surrender and know that as the icy grip on fear is released, there is a lifeline being tossed to assist in this transition to light. It was only the passing of Earth through the Photon Belt in 2012 that allowed the higher dimensional energies to be brought down and anchored here. Passing above the Milky Way provided access to higher frequencies and finally enough lightworkers were “awake” to anchor the energy and share it with humanity. Marconics energy was brought down at this this time to assist with the ascension mission. It is light encoded energy which through a recalibration process activates previously dormant DNA. When triggered it re-awakens the consciousness critical for survival in the higher dimensions. Marconics allows connection through the 8th Chakra to the higher self and physical integration into the individual occurs.

The new energetic frequency is the plugging in of the human incarnate to the Unified Field Matrix which consists of the Axi atonal A, B, and C fields. These consist of the personal auric field (A), The auric field of the Earth, which is the crystalline grid (B) and the Universe (C). Through raising the vibration permanently, previously dormant DNA activates creating an awakening and remembering of all that you are. Marconics creates the human upgrade. As higher frequencies are sustained, the rise and expansion of consciousness allows for connection to multidimensional experiences. Abilities long forgotten start to accelerate and grow, and connection to the higher self creates alignment, clarity and detachment around the 3D world we are shifting away from.

The recalibration process is permanent meaning the frequency is constantly matching the 5D frequencies and higher. The recalibration process involves the uncapping of the Chakras which were nipped and capped creating the earthly experience without experience of reality as fully conscious and “awake” beings. 51% of karmic debris is removed going back to the inception of the soul. This is the leg up so to speak allowing the human incarnate to shed what has been holding it back lifetime after lifetime, the old karmic imprints and patterns. The 7 Chakras expand to include the galactic chakras and as the uncapped chakras expand, they interlock creating such rapid spin new karma begins to skip off. Like the grains of sand slipping down the hour glass, we have run out of time. Humanity is unable to clear enough karma and density they have created to go higher, to meet the new frequencies and energetic vibration required to exist in the 5D and above. The shift is upon us and the expectation was for more lightworkers to be awake. Sadly, this has not been the case. People have clung to the fear frequencies and responded to life with lower vibrational choices. The Ego has resisted and fought valiantly to remain in control and allowed negative spin as more karma was created than cleared due to fear manifesting as jealousy, anger, lack of self-love and worthiness. Something had to be offered to give humanity a chance as the small ascension window was fast approaching and has now arrived.

In addition to helping to move personal ascension forward, people holding the Marconics frequency anchor light down into the planet helping Earth in her ascension as well. The individual becomes a negative ionic generator. There is a shedding of the old paradigms and imprints which can feel like the complete destruction of the self, which in a sense it is. It’s the releasing of the patterns of thought and behavior that for lifetimes have repeated, looping on the timelines over and over, while the human incarnate continued to miss his/her cue, responding to every situation in the same way spiraling down rather than ascending. Every encounter was an opportunity to rise or fall on the spiritual path.

As Earth shifts into the higher dimensional bandwidths, humanity must shift with her, some will transition out of the physical vehicle as it will be easier for them to ascend from the 4th, some will cling desperately to their old ways of thought and behavior creating such friction the physical and mental suffering will intensify.

Many will do the internal work to break free of the chains that have held them hostage for so long and rise like an untethered balloon to the higher dimensional realities. It is up to each person to choose which track they will follow.

For awhile people were straddling both tracks with a foot on each rail, but alas the train tracks are diverging, and a choice must now be made. Will it be the fear frequencies or love frequencies that are chosen? Marconics energy offers a temporary 2-week bump in frequency through a no-touch where karmic debris is removed, but to a lesser extent than the recalibration offers.

The intention here is to provide awareness that this Marconics energy modality exists. The Elohim have been working to bring humanity to light. Resistance has been strong, and many have wandered in a fog unaware and unconscious of the karmic wheel they are on.

Marconics has been brought down at this time to assist those who feel tapped by their higher self to unlock the dormant DNA, to accelerate the life path, to create such alignment to the higher self to source that they in turn can step into the roles they have come here to play. Wherever people are on their journey is exactly where they have chosen to be at this point in time. If someone is feeling a light tap on the shoulder, or a feeling that there is something more available to unlock their human potential, there is. We must connect to one another and anchor the frequencies to assist the all as we walk ourselves home.”

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