Essential Oils for Infections of the Gums, Mouth and Teeth

Let’s start with Gingivitis – basically an inflamation of the gum that is due to bacterial infection. Symptoms are bleeding gums, soreness and bleeding mostly happens when brushing or when hard foods are eaten. When gums become soft and begin to recede, more teeth can be lost due to that than through the tooth decay.

Essential oils can be of great help, cause proper hygiene is crucial for treating and Preventing gingivitis – making mouthwashes based on essential oils is the key, along with the topicl application in the extreme cases of this condition.

There are number of essential oils that are very effective,  they are:

Tea tree and Myrrh, followed by Thyme, Clove, Cypress, Geranium, Fennel, German Chamomile.

A good mouth was for preventing bleeding and swollen gums are 4 drops total of Geranium, Cypress, Tea Tree in a cup of warm boiled water.

If the infection is severe a tincture of Myrrh should be applied directly to the inflamed areas of the gum. Gentle massage to the gum will improve local circulation and speed up healing, but do this with the very clean hands and with Myrrh tincture, if you have no tincture, feel free to use one or two drops of neat Myrrh, just do not swallow or Tea tree.


For toothache, this might be just a reminder, but a traditional remedy is 1 drop fo Clove oil onto a cotton ball and apply directly to the tooth – do not swallow by any means. For swelling associated with the toothache, apply lavender and chamomile in form of massage oil to the outside part of the cheeck and jaw bone. About 4dr lavender and 2 dr camomile in 1 teaspoon of carrier oil. Sometimea warm or even hot compress with the lavender and chamomile can help. COmpress – add about 2 drops of oils to the small water basin.


To treat existing mouth ulcers (whatever the reason might be for it)  – first is important to dry the area and then apply neat the following oils: Tea tree, or Myrrh, or Bergamot. DO NOT SWALLOW.  Use Myrrh in the form of the tincture, but if you can not find a tincture then one neat drop will do, but again, do not swallow. It might sting upon application  but it is the most effective application. 



About Rejuvelate Aromatherapy, REIKI, Therapeutic Massage

Namaste! Sincere and passionate about holistic life style and using natural nature’s remedies to facilitate natural healing, I am trained and specialized in aromatherapy, therapeutic massage and Reiki to achieve desired results by designing a plan and formulation to meet specific individual needs for each person. I believe that positive energy and powerful intent along with the structural work and aromatherapy have the ability to facilitate powerful healing of mind, body and soul. Energy follows intent and my intent lies in your wellbeing and addressing your health needs holistically. LOVE, LIGHT AND PEACE TO ALL Deanna Avakumova, Holistic Practitioner Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Aromatherapist, REIKI Master
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